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Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store
Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store

Silky Pocket Boy Folding Saws - Straight Blade Medium Tooth

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Silky PocketBoy Folding Saws

The Silky PocketBoy Folding Saws have five different colours for the different tooth sizes and blade shapes. The saws are designed to cut on the pull stroke. They have a hollow ground blade, which reduces friction when cutting. This allows the cutting stroke to feel very easy and fast.


  • The teeth are not set, they are what Silky calls a Mirai-Me tooth style. This style of tooth creates a very smooth cut
  • This benefits the tree by reducing the chance of water and bacteria sitting on grooves in the timber, therefore, allowing infection into the wound.
  • This style of tooth is engineered so that the teeth are the thickest part of the blade, making the cut wider than the rest of the blade following the teeth through the cut.
  • The teeth make the cut and the thinner blade following makes it easy for the user by reducing friction and allowing an easy return stroke of the blade, reducing the chance of the blade jamming in the cut.
  • The blades are made out of high carbon steel called SK4, very strong steel but also quite flexible. The blades are chrome coated for protection from rust and resin.
  • The Pocket boy saws have two settings on the blade. The first is a standard saw blade angle, the second has the blade pointing into the air. This angle allows you to cut to a flat surface or enables you to have the handle away from branches that are slowing and inconveniencing your cutting.
  • The handles are made out of a special rubber designed by Silky Japan (GOM).  It absorbs a lot of the vibrations you get when cutting, you still have a very good grip, even when your hands are damp.
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