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Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store
Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store

Nutri-Tech Plant Sap Calcium Meter

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Convenient in-field tool for measuring crop calcium levels.

Adequate calcium is essential for cell division, cell-strength, flowering and fruit set. Calcium is also essential for plant resilience, reducing pest and disease pressure, as well as improving post-harvest condition. Typical deficiencies include stunted roots, leaf deformity, and fruit-quality conditions such as blossom-end rot, cavity spot and “bitter pit”. The Plant Sap Calcium Meter gives growers the opportunity to monitor plant calcium levels in-field. Crop calcium levels can be boosted via supplementation at the first sign of a draw-down, therefore preventing deficiency symptoms.


  • Meter
  • Sensor
  • Storage case
  • Batteries
  • Calibration solutions (150 ppm and 2000 ppm)
  • Pipette
  • Sampling sheets x 5
  • Full instruction manual


    • In-field calcium measurement.
    • Instant results; calcium requirements can be addressed faster.
    • Measurement range 40 to 4000 ppm (mg/L).
    • Automatic temperature compensation.
    • Replacement sensor available.
    • Note Published crop specific data is unavailable as this is a relatively new research area. However, comparing data in your crop from season to season while noting yields and insect pressure, as well as making comparisons on sap nutrient status between healthy and suboptimal crops/plants, and comparing young and old leaves, can provide valuable information for fine tuning fertiliser inputs and correcting imbalances.