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Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store
Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store

Bite 2.2 Device - Tree Infusion Kit

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Bite® 2.2 is a patented device designed to make endotherapy even simpler and more effective. It consists of multiple interconnected parts:

Special hollow and perforated needles (A) for tissue separation.

Gaskets (A1) that allow the needle holder to adhere perfectly to the trunk and prevent the leakage of sap or liquids.

A needle holder (B) in polycarbonate with a corresponding seat for housing the pharmaceutical syringe (B1) containing the therapeutic or nutrient solution.

A percussion device (C) that allows the insertion and extraction of the needle along the circumference of the trunk.

Thanks to Bite® 2.2, it’s possible to perform endoinfusion treatments on trees regardless of their height and location.

The device doesn’t require electricity for operation and allows reducing water consumption compared to spray treatments.


Depending on the tree species, an appropriate length needle should be selected. Usually, it’s sufficient to penetrate the vascular tissues by about 2 cm (Needle 35 mm or 53 mm, depending on the thickness of the bark and wood porosity), while on pine trees, it’s advisable to use a longer needle (Needle 65 mm) to overcome resin canals.