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Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store
Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store

4WD DIY Detail Bucket

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What's in the Bundle:

  • A 15L Bucket
  • Your choice of a Musket or Foam Cannon
  • 500ml of 4WD Wash for rust protection
  • 500ml of Interior Cleaner for a fresh, spotless cabin
  • 500ml of Grease Attack to conquer stubborn grime
  • 500ml of Chassis Champ to keep the undercarriage rust-free
  • 500ml of Drip Dry for water-spot-free drying
  • 500ml of Glass Cleaner for crystal-clear visibility
  • 500ml of Final Touch for a dazzling, water-beading finish
  • A premium Microfiber Hand Mitt and Towel for a gentle, scratch-free touch
  • A Hard Bristle Brush and Soft Bristle Brush combo for versatile cleaning

Learn More:

The Captain's Musket or Foam Cannon

🌟 Choose your weapon! The Captain's Musket is ideal for your garden hose or Foam Cannon for a pressure washer. Foam Cannon comes with Karcher K Series, Stihl, and Gerni attachments.

Premium 15L Bucket with Dirt Trap

🪣 The high-quality 15L Bucket with Dirt Trap ensures that dirt and debris stay at the bottom and away from the cleaning process, making the entire chassis care routine efficient and mess-free.

500ml 4WD Wash

🏞️ Anti-Rust and Corrosion Protection: Our specially formulated 500ml 4WD Wash comes with advanced anti-rust and corrosion inhibitors, adding an extra layer of care to keep his vehicle looking as good as new, no matter the terrain.

 500ml Interior Cleaner 🚗 Revive the interior brilliance with our 500ml Interior Cleaner, which ensures a gentle yet effective cleaning experience for the car's interior, leaving it fresh and inviting for every drive. Say goodbye to dust and grime!

 500ml Grease Attack 🛠️ Conquer stubborn grease and grime with the 500ml Grease Attack Multipurpose De-greaser. This is your Dad's secret weapon against tough grease and grime, making car maintenance a breeze. Keep the engine bay spotless!

500ml Chassis Champ 

🚚 Keep the Undercarriage rust FREE! Our 500ml Chassis Champ is specifically formulated to protect and maintain the undercarriage, safeguarding it from the rigours of the elements of mother nature. Its powerful semi-hardening compound will create a hydrophobic and sand-repellent surface, ensuring zero rust is penetrated! Depending on the use of your vehicle and its adventures, you can apply this every couple of beach trips with peace of mind, knowing your chassis is safe from rust

 500ml Drip Dry 🌦️ The easiest way to ceramic coat your car! The 500ml Drip Dry solution gives you unbeatable ceramic power, all applied to your choice of foaming device. This stuff is so easy to use and offers instant results that last a long time!

 500ml Glass Cleaner 🪟

The 500ml Glass Cleaner ensures a streak-free and crystal-clear view, making every drive safe and enjoyable. Don’t let smudged windows be the bearer of a grubby-looking car.

 500ml Final Touch 🏁

Our 500ml Final Touch detailer will give his car that brilliant shine and showroom finish, leaving it like it just rolled off the lot! Final Touch is an excellent water-beading water spot remover with a ceramic base that helps eliminate water spots in your car. With its lubricated, non-scratch properties, he can perform a waterless wash in between his big washes to keep his car looking cleaner for longer. Spray and buff on.

Premium Microfiber Hand Mitt and Towel 🧤

Our kit includes a high-quality Microfiber Hand Mitt and Towel for the ultimate scratch-free experience. It guarantees meticulous cleaning and a streak-free finish that your dad's car deserves. Pamper his vehicle with the softest touch!

 Hard Bristle Brush & Soft Bristle Brush 

🔧 Our Hard Bristle Brush and Soft Bristle Brush combo is perfect for tackling dirt and grime in hard-to-reach places while being gentle on delicate surfaces. Let him detail his car with precision!