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Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store
Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store

Life Force® Carbon™ - 30litre

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Humic acid-based, high carbon soil conditioner for the planet conscious farmer/gardener/landscaper.

All the benefits of top quality compost without the unpredictability. Compost is an extraordinary input for improving soil and plant health, but it can break down just weeks after application. Furthermore, inferior composts can be a source of weed seeds or even plant pathogens, as well as a potential cause of nitrogen-drawdown.

Life Force® Carbon™ contains a unique blend of humates, composted with a rich suite of natural components to produce a fortified, stabilised carbon blend, the benefits of which will continue for years in the soil. An effective composting process is rigorously followed to ensure a quality-assured soil conditioner, with a balanced pH and an optimum carbon/nitrogen ratio.

Life Force® Carbon™ supplies a rich source of stable humus but, more importantly, it provides an injection of cellulose-digesting fungi (missing in so many soils) that can help reclaim the humus-building, planet saving capacity of your soil. Life Force® Carbon™ is a convenient way to create a rich, productive soil teeming with beneficial biology for a flourishing, low maintenance growth system – perfect for home gardeners, landscapers and commercial farmers.

Product Benefits

  • Enrich soil with stabilised humus to improve soil health
  • Stabilised carbon blend for reduced application frequency vs common compost
  • Increase moisture retention of light soil
  • Improve soil structure and help improve friability of heavy soils
  • Boost soil microbial activity for increased nutrient availability and improved plant resilience
  • Low odour blend
  • Will not burn and is suitable for natives