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Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store
Welcome to Australia's dedicated arborist tool and hardware store

Revolutionising Tree Work: The Power of the Notch Big Shot

Revolutionising Tree Work: The Power of the Notch Big Shot

In the world of arboriculture, efficiency and safety are paramount. The Notch Big Shot has become an essential tool for arborists, streamlining the process of setting lines in trees at considerable heights. This powerful slingshot-like device not only enhances the precision of line placement but also significantly reduces the effort and time required to set up for climbing or rigging. In this blog post, we’ll explore the features of the Notch Big Shot, its benefits, and why it is a game-changer in tree care operations.

What is the Notch Big Shot?

The Notch Big Shot is a line-launching tool designed to propel a throw weight and line through tree branches, positioning it precisely where needed. Essentially, it's a giant slingshot that uses the force of an elastic band to launch the line. The device is mounted on a fiberglass pole, allowing arborists to achieve angles and heights that would be challenging or impossible with a hand toss.

Features of the Notch Big Shot

1. Efficient Line Setting

The primary advantage of the Notch Big Shot is its ability to set lines up within the tree. This capability is crucial for reaching high canopy branches safely and effectively.

2. Precision and Accuracy

Thanks to its design and the mechanics of the launch, the Big Shot offers remarkable precision. This accuracy ensures that the line goes exactly where it's needed.

3. Durability and Strength

Constructed from durable materials, the Notch Big Shot is built to withstand the rigors of frequent outdoor use. Its robust construction ensures longevity, even in challenging weather conditions.

4. Ease of Use

While the Big Shot might look intimidating, it is straightforward to use. With minimal practice, arborists can master the technique required to operate the Big Shot effectively, making it a practical tool for professionals of all skill levels.

Benefits of Using the Notch Big Shot

A. Time Savings

Setting lines manually can be time-consuming, especially in dense canopies. The Big Shot reduces the time spent on this task, allowing arborists to focus on more critical aspects of their work.

B. Increased Safety

By using the Big Shot, arborists can maintain a safe distance from difficult-to-reach areas.

C. Reduced Fatigue

Manually tossing lines can be physically demanding, especially over a full day of tree work. The Big Shot alleviates much of this strain, leading to less fatigue and more energy for other tasks.

D. Versatility

The Big Shot is not only useful for arborists but also for other applications such as setting lines for camping, hunting blinds, or even during rescue operations. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool in various outdoor settings.


The Notch Big Shot has proven itself as an indispensable tool in the arborist’s toolkit. Its ability to quickly and safely set lines in tall trees revolutionizes how arborists approach their work, providing a blend of efficiency, safety, and precision that traditional methods simply cannot match. Whether you're an experienced tree care professional or new to the field, integrating the Notch Big Shot into your equipment roster can significantly enhance your operational capabilities and overall safety

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